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Dear Parents,

As a pediatric dentist, my goal is to help your child achieve a lifetime of excellent dental health. I offer the following suggestions to guide you:

  1. All children age 8 years and younger should have their teeth brushed and flossed daily by an adult.

  1. Limit sweet and sticky snacks even if healthy (raisins, juice, fruit roll-ups).

  1. If your child asks about an upcoming visit, you can explain that we will look at his or her teeth to make sure they are healthy. There is no need to mention “needles” or “shots.” We will work with your child to help overcome any fears. We will carefully explain everything we do in reassuring terms that your child will understand.

  1. Tell your child about their dental visit a few days before their appointment. This minimizes the chances of hearing exaggerated stories about dental visits from siblings or friends.

  1. Please read carefully any literature or instructions we may give you, concerning your child’s dental health.

  1. I use a variety of behavior management techniques including but not limited to:

tell-show-do, positive reinforcement and guidance, voice control, distraction, modeling and time-out. We also offer nitrous oxide and various sedation medications.

  1. If you are unable to keep an appointment, please allow us 48 hours notice. Repeatedly missed appointments may result in dismissal from this office.

  1. We ask that parents of children over the age of four, remain in the reception area and allow the dental assistant to escort your child to the treatment area. We feel that this is important to help us establish your child’s trust and confidence. We find that most children do better with a “one on one” visit with the dental staff.



If you have any questions, please feel free to discuss them with us.

Welcome to our practice!



Dr. Doug Park and Staff

1201 SE 223rd Ave, Ste 240
Gresham, Oregon 97030