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Space Maintenance
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Space maintainers at Douglas L. Park, DDS, Pediatric DentistryHave we recommended a space maintainer for your child? These handy little devices can go a long way in preventing the need for future orthodontic work when a baby tooth is lost prematurely.

The main purpose of a space maintainer is to hold teeth in place until the new tooth erupts, or grows into the mouth.

Wearing the Space Maintainer

Once the space maintainer is made, it may take the child a few days to get accustomed to wearing it. We will explain to your child and you the proper ways to clean the space maintainer thoroughly in order to keep the gum tissue healthy and free of dental plaque. Proper instruction for tooth brushing and flossing should be considered for improved oral hygiene.

It will be important to avoid chewy and sugary foods, and gum or candy, which may loosen or get caught on the appliance. Also, the space maintainer should not be pressed or pushed with the tongue or fingers because it could loosen or bend the appliance.

The child should be seen by the dentist on a regular basis to monitor the progress of treatment with the space maintainer and continue to receive a regular six-month professional cleaning appointments. Once your child's adult tooth is ready to erupt, the space maintainer will be removed by our dental team.
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